Revised: 01/30/2017

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Since the grand opening of our "off leash" dog park in 2012, we "dog lovers" have been working towards  building exposure and improving facilities.

Anyone who wishes to write stories and/or send pictures about our park is welcome to do so and we'll publish for all to see.

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Messages & Recent Additions
  • Our booth at Clallam County Fair in August had a one dollar per ticket drawing with lots of canine goodies in a basket.  The drawing was held at the conclusion of the fair and the winner is: Rachel Elsberry and her husband, Stew.  Their dogs name is "Maggie"

  • Thank you to those park patrons for continued upkeep and awareness to the needs while using the park. Please contact one of the officers for any conditions that need to be addressed.

friendly dogs

Canine friends; Lilly, Jane and Stevie